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Concussion Protocol

Concussion Protocol

Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association

February 4, 2015


If the officials, coaches, parents, or the player themselves think they have suffered a suspected concussion:


  1.  He/she is removed from play immediately
  2. Coaches with parents will observe and question the player in the locker room or suitable quiet location (not on the benches or on the ice) for signs and symptoms of a concussion.
  3. If any signs or symptoms are noticed by the coaching staff, parents or reported by the player, the player must be evaluated by an appropriate health care professional trained in assessment of concussion.
  4. The player can only be allowed to return to practice or play after receiving written authorization from the evaluating health care professional.
  5. The player will follow a “step-wise return to play plan” established by the health care professional to maximize the chances of a safe return to play.
  6. The Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association will adhere to the Concussion Protocol guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control and the NCAA.  These guidelines will be made are available on the KYHA website and are available to players, parents, and coaches in printed versions.

Safe Sports Network 
Concussion Baseline Testing 
Safe Sports Network will be conducting concussion baseline testing on November 21st as part of our Youth Sports Safety Week. This service is available for kids 10 years old and up to high school ages. 
The testing will be done at the Verizon Wireless Arena 11am - 3pm 
When Signing up, Please Use the "Display Alternate Name" option and put your child's name 
Testing will begin at 11am. There will be 10 testing slots available every 20 minutes. Please choose a time that is suitable for you. 
Please try to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your test time to check in. 
This testing is designed to get a baseline of person's healthy cognitive function. If a person where to sustain a concussion in the near future, we can have that person test again using the same test. By then comparing the person's healthy baseline to their post-injury test, it gives us as clinicians a tool to determine the best treatment procedures.  
Safe Sports Network will be using a NEW state of the art system called C3 Logix. C3 Logix system is an iPad-based comprehensive assessment of cognitive function, balance and vision. The test can be a useful component of a comprehensive clinical examination. Clinical evaluation by a sports medicine professional familiar with concussion is imperative. 
Safe Sports Network offers a comprehensive concussion management program. We use multiple tools to assess concussion. These tools include clinical evaluation and computerized testing. Computerized testing can be an important tool because it can provide objective information about the injury. 

Date: 11/21/2015 (Sat.)