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11/24/2015, 5:45am EST


KYHA is holding a 60/04 raffle to help offer tuition scholarships and to fund our “Roll Back” Tuitions. Ticket will sell for $25 or $50 and we are offering up to $6,000* in Prize Money during a 12/17/2015 drawing at the Proctor Academy hockey rink.

Each player in the organization will be responsible to sell tickets as part of their tuition, the number of tickets is based on their team. Additional ticket sales can be used to reduce tuition fees by $15 or $30 per ticket sold, just make sure your name appears as the Seller’s Name on the ticket stub. We will also ask Alumni and friends of KYHA to sell tickets for us.

Your audience will be friends, family, co-workers, and the general public. As you can see, the last group is by far the largest, so that’s where you need to focus your efforts, but don’t ignore the first two groups. Feel free to leave tickets and a flyer at retail locations to help your sales, but remember that you are responsible for all tickets assigned to you.

When selling tickets it is probably best to keep it as simple as possible asking your customer to “Help KYHA offer tuition scholarships and fund our “Roll Back” Tuitions”. Most people will not need any more details than that. It is possible that the person you are talking with might not have the cash or a checkbook with them. In that case, offer to circle back with then at a more convenient time, and ask when that might be.

Raffle tickets can be sold as either a $25 or $50 ticket. When selling a $25 ticket you simply turn in ONE stub. When selling a $50 ticket you turn in BOTH stubs, giving the owner two chances to win. In both cases you can give the purchaser the main ticket for their safe keeping. The only difference it makes is that you will need to sell twice as many $25 tickets to cover this portion of your tuition.

Tickets can be purchases with cash or checks payable to KYHA. Ticket stubs and check payments should be returned to KYHA’s PO Box, shown below, as you sell tickets to make sure they do not get lost or separated. Requests for additional tickets can be either e-mailed to or by contacting a member of the KYHA Board of Directors. All tickets, sold or unsold, should be returned no later than 12/10/2015. 

* Based on selling 300 $50 tickets KYHA PO Box 1771 New London, NH 03257

Winners will be drawn on 12/17/2015 at the Proctor Academy hockey rink.

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