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Learn to Skate / Learn to Play

Program Overview

The focus and goal of the Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Program is to teach beginner hockey players the fundamentals of skating.  The program is targeted at children ages 4-9, although it may be appropriate for other ages.  No prior skating or hockey experience is necessary.  As participants’ skating skill progresses, appropriate drills will introduce the players to fundamental hockey skills.

By the end of the season, the goal is to have players become comfortable on the ice, learn the basic hockey stance, stride, knee bend, use of edges and how to hold and use a hockey stick.

Our Learn to Skate & Learn to Play program starts in Decemeber and has one on-ice session per week, for 10 weeks.  Schedule for the 2019-20 season will be announced during the fall of 2019.

Please contact KYHA with any questions at: