"Play Up" Policy




It is the policy of the Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association (KYHA) that each registered player will play in his/her age group as set forth by USA Hockey rules. However, individual requests to play up shall be considered by the KYHA Board and reviewed on a case by case basis. The KYHA Board of Directors recognizes in rare circumstances it may be appropriate and beneficial to a participant’s development for him or her to play-up to the next age classification. A fine balance needs to be struck, however, to avoid placing the desire of a participant above the legitimate opportunity for that participant to benefit from an additional year at the younger age classification, be successful in an older age classification, and the effect the player movement will have on both teams involved.  The KYHA Board of Directors may, at its discretion, consider an exception to move a player up in age classifications to achieve a balanced team population only when all other criteria for player movement are met.  Such Board decisions will be made in conjunction with and on the recommendation of the Coaching Coordinator and Team coaches, with the individual parents' approval.


The KYHA board, coaches or other board appointed persons will evaluate each request individually. Criteria for allowing a person to play-up will be based on the evaluation of the player’s coaches and the Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association Coaching Coordinator of the player’s skill,  ability to contribute to the either team, the effect this will have on the younger team, and the player’s level and physical size compared to the older team’s participants.   If it is determined appropriate, the KYHA will appoint an external evaluator to conduct an assessment of the player’s skills/


The KYHA Board of Directors will make the final decision on allowing a player to play up.