General Policies

General Policies of Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association

At all times, Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association is guided by the rules and provisions of USA Hockey and the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association.


Their rules and provisions are available at  and at


Programs and Teams:

  1. Learn to Skate Program (LTS)

  2. Learn to Play Program (LTP)

The LTP program is a chance for beginners to learn to play ice hockey.  The LTP program introduces the basics of skating, stick handling, passing, shooting and introduction to the rules of the game. Boys and girls, age five to twelve, are welcome to participate.

  1. Mites (age 8 and under)

  2. Squirts (age 10 and under)

  3. PeeWees (age 12 and under)

  4. Bantams (age 14 and under)

  5. Midgets (age 17 and under)


KYHA teams—Mites through Midgets—compete in the Granite State League; this includes regular season games and tournament competition (for qualifying teams). Travel is throughout the state with both home and away games.  Families should plan on an average of two practices per week, plus games.  


Granite State League includes associations throughout New Hampshire. The league has tiers of play at each level based on the teams’ relative competitiveness. GSL is KYHA’s primary league for travel teams.



Teams that qualify, based on regular season standings, are entered in their respective tier tournament. KYHA pays the entry fee for the tournament; families are responsible to pay for travel, lodging and any additional expenses.


Coaching requirements:  

Mites through Midgets

All head coaches and assistant coaches must be registered with USA Hockey, must have completed the age level coaching clinics and additional requirements (at their own expense), must complete a background check* and must complete the USA Hockey SafeSport Program (by the assigned deadline).  No exception will be granted.


Learn to Skate/Learn to Play

All on-ice coaches in the Learn to Skate/Learn to Play program must register with USA Hockey as a Player/Coach, complete a background check* and complete the SafeSport clinic (by the assigned deadline).


* Background checks are paid by KYHA


The KYHA annual calendar:


April:      Registration for next season  

May:     Registration payments begin monthly

June-August:      Season Planning Meetings; preparation for Golf Tournament

September:      Annual Golf Tournament; Pre-Season skills clinics  

October:      Official practice begins; Final Tuition payment is due.

November:     Games begin; Learn to Skate and Learn to Play clinics begin

December:     Games continue; Annual Holiday Party

January:      Games continue.

February:     Regular Season Ends; State Tournaments begin for qualified teams

March:      Complete State Tournaments; End of Season banquet



Players need to register with KYHA by April 15, 2017.  Registration payments begin on May 15 with a $100 payment.  Families can participate in a monthly payment schedule.  Final payments are due at the start of the official practice on October 10, 2017.  


All KYHA players must be registered with USA Hockey by 08/01/2017. The USA Hockey registration fee is paid by the family.



Tuition is set annually by the Board of Directors. Changes in tuition are based on anticipated annual program costs; ice rental is the largest expense. Tuition invoices are sent to families via email; the organization has established electronic payment formats and monthly payment schedules families can use.  All players are required to have their tuition paid by the start of official practice on October 10, 2017.  Members will receive an invoice each month until their balance is paid in full.


Tuition Refunds

Once a player has registered with KYHA, they are considered members of the KYHA program for the following season and will not be granted releases to other clubs unless tuition is paid in full.  Due to season planning deadlines, tuition is not refundable. Extenuating circumstances for tuition refunds may be presented to the Board of Directors in writing and will be considered on a case by case basis.  In case of a conflict of interest with children of Board members, the board member who has filed an appeal will recuse him/herself from the appeal process.


Financial Assistance:

Families may apply to the Board of Directors for financial assistance via letter or email to the KYHA Registrar if they are unable to pay part or all their tuition.


Team Size and composition

Composition of all teams will be determined by Board’s best projection, based on the number of registrants at the end of the registration period.  KYHA is committed to the development of all players within the organization.  To maximize player development, teams will consist of a minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 13-15 skaters and plus two goalies. In situations where there are more players than spots available KYHA will schedule additional non-league games to ensure that all players will participate in an equivalent number of practices and games.   Additional players may be asked to skate in league games if an appropriate spot becomes available.  All decisions concerning player ice time and league play is at the discretion of the coaching staff.  KYHA believes this policy will provide all players the opportunity to compete at the appropriate level and increase their on-ice time, puck "touches" and overall development.

Placement/Player Movement


Player Placement

KYHA makes every effort to place players in the most appropriate situations for their skill level.  A committee, led by the Coaching Coordinator and coaches at the applicable age levels, will oversee player placement.  Our player placement procedure will be based on the following four criteria:


  1. Compliance:  The player’s fees must be paid in full.  All paperwork requested by the association must be signed and turned in to the organization.


  1. Previous Coach’s Recommendation: All players from KYHA are evaluated on an ongoing basis by their coaches. These evaluations determine a player’s skill, effort, potential and how he/she responds to the coaching staff.  In the case of players who are new to the club, efforts will be made to get input from previous coaches.


  1. On-Ice Skills Evaluation:  KYHA will evaluate players on the Squirts, PeeWees and Bantams based on ice skills evaluation performed headed by our Coaching Coordinator.  The Coaching Coordinator will lead the evaluation based on the KYHA Play Up policy) meet with current coaches, evaluate the player based on the four criteria identified in the Player Placement section, consult with external evaluators when appropriate, and make a recommendation to the Board.  The Board’s decision is final. Evaluations include, but are not limited to:  skating, all aspects of hockey play, effort, readiness and being a good teammate.   


  1. New Coach’s preferences:  Recognizing the difficulty of some final decisions, the Board of Directors will consider the input of the coach who has assumed the responsibility to coach a new team.  


Players and families dissatisfied with the placement may present a written inquiry for explanation to the Coaching Coordinator. If still dissatisfied, they may request an audience with the Board. Extenuating circumstances may be brought to the Board in writing and will be considered on a case by case basis.


Player Movement (In-Season): In the case of players who disagree with their placement during the season, parents may request that the Coaching Coordinator reconsider the placement decision. The player must continue to participate in activities on the team the player is currently assigned. The Coaching Coordinator and coaches will observe the player on-ice at least twice and confer with the affected coaches. The coaching director will consult the Board of Directors if she/he recommends changing the placement.


Placement/Player Movement

It is the belief of the KYHA Board of Directors that players should be assigned to teams according to USA Hockey age guidelines. The Board, however, does recognize that circumstances may exist where it may be more appropriate for a player to play outside their age group.  If parents desire, they may request, in writing to the Board, that their child be allowed to move to the next age level.  The Coaching Coordinator will consider the request, (following the written KYHA Play Up policy) meet with current coaches, re-evaluate the player based on the four criteria identified in the Player Placement section, consult with external evaluators when appropriate, and make a recommendation to the Board.  The Board’s decision is final.  USA Hockey rules do not permit players to play in an age group younger than that in which they are eligible.


Communication and Grievances:

Open and honest communication is paramount to the growth and success of the club.  Members of the Board of Directors are available to address any concerns or questions you may have about the program.  KYHA coaches make themselves readily available to their players for issues they need to discuss.


The Board recognizes that when issues arise they need to be addressed.  If a parent or player has a grievance, we ask that you utilize the following procedure: Individuals should feel free to speak directly with the head coach or an assistant coach.  We do ask that these complaints be addressed after setting up a meeting with the coach; preferably via email.  At no time will issues be discussed where players are or could be present. The decisions regarding playing time, positions, line mates, and game strategy rest with the head coaches.  If parents are not satisfied after talking with the coaching staff, they should communicate in writing with the KYHA Coaching Coordinator.   The Coaching Coordinator will investigate the complaint, talk with the appropriate parties and, when necessary, hold a meeting with all parties to attain satisfactory resolution. If satisfaction is not achieved with the Coaching Coordinator, a family can file a written complaint with the Board of Directors who will investigate the complaint and render their decision.  The decision from the board will be final.  



KYHA is an affiliate of the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association that operates under the umbrella of USA Hockey and follows all their prescribed policies.  Incidents by players, family members, coaches or board members that violate the Code of Conduct, members’ rights or are detrimental to the game will be acted on expeditiously and will follow the guidelines of USA hockey.  Sanctions can include suspension or expulsion from the club.


KYHA Coaching Philosophy:

The Kearsarge Youth Hockey Association(KYHA) follows the USA Hockey’s American Development Model (ADM).